Last week the 2014 Road to Rome Raffle winners assembled for the first time to celebrate their prize wins! We are pleased to introduce the second round of raffle winners from left to right: Amy Mintz (Arvada, CO), winner of the Grand Prize trip to Rome; Janie Smith (Arvada, CO), winner of the Refer-A-Friend San Diego trip; and Steven Cox (Evergreen, CO), winner of the Multi-Ticket Cabo San Lucas trip! Congratulations! We celebrate with you as you prepare for three incredible trips of a lifetime!

Amy Mintz (Arvada, CO) Winner of the Grand Prize trip to Rome 

“I’m still in shock that I won this trip of a lifetime to Rome! I have a wonderful husband Jarod and two beautiful girls Bridgette who is 3, and Annie who is 5 months old. I am mostly a stay at home mom, but I am a nurse and I still work one day a week on the mother/baby unit at Lutheran Medical Center. Winning this trip is quite amazing for us! My husband and I have always wanted to go to Rome but we did not think it was attainable in the foreseeable future. We thought we would finish having kids and wait until they were “grown up” before we would ever be able to travel to Europe. Now I get to go on this pilgrimage with my family! And when the Capuchins came to Saint Joan of Arc in December selling raffle tickets, I bought one thinking , “Okay, here is small donation for a good cause.” I never dreamed I would win!  I even remember after Mass having breakfast with my family and I was joking with my mom and sisters, we were playing the “what if you won the trip to Rome?” game.  Then when I got the call that Thursday, I was in complete shock!  It took a few days to sink in (actually I’m not sure it has yet). Then about two weeks after I won, I was in Mass and it dawned on me… I have a deep devotion to Saint Padre Pio, who is of course a Capuchin, and I can’t help feeling that he may have had something to do with my win! ” Amy Mintz

Steven Cox (Evergreen, CO), winner of the Multi-Ticket Cabo San Lucas trip

We are so excited that the money we spent to purchase raffle tickets went to support such a fantastic cause and to help the worthy ministries of the Capuchin Friars!  We are so proud to be a part of this effort!  Never in a million years did we dream of winning something like this!  The raffle has made it possible for our family to take a trip we otherwise would have never taken – not in this world – especially with three children.  Thank you to the donors for helping to make this possible.” Steven Cox

Janie Smith (Arvada, CO), winner of the Refer-A-Friend Trip to San Diego

Janie reflects on what her relationship with the friars over the years.

“Fr. John Lager came into my life 23 years ago in the spring of 1992. He celebrated a mass at Spirit of Christ that was a gift for my father, who had recently passed away. After the service I introduced myself and thanked him for a beautiful mass. We got to chatting and found out that he had a twin brother and I had a twin sister, and a lifelong friendship blossomed.  

In the summer of 1992, a group of friends and myself [we grew up in North Denver and went to Mt. Carmel High School, which was originally located next door to the St. Francis Friary] approached Fr. John about starting a Capuchin gala benefit.  On Friday, April 29, 1994 the first Capuchin Friars’ Gala was BORN and I had the honor of being the first gala chairperson! We had 283 guests attend and now 22 years later, the gala continues to thrive with 500+ guests in attendance.

I thank God every day for the blessing, honor, and privilege to have the friars and their staff in my life who have become my “lifelong and cherished friends.”  Janie Smith

Be sure to visit our previous entry to meet the first winner of the 2014 Road to Rome Raffle, Sharon Roatch of the Kansas City, Kansas area.

Special thanks to everyone who purchased raffle tickets.  Revenue from the Road to Rome Raffle supports the lives and ministries of the Capuchin Franciscan friars.