Please join us in congratulating our 2016 Road to Rome Raffle winners:

  • Rome Grand Prize Winner: Larry Beardsley, Denver, CO
  • Portugal/ Spain Multi-Ticket Prize Winner:  Loretta Isaak, Littleton, CO
  • New York Refer-A-Friend Prize Winner:  Joan Spiess DiTullio, Westminster, CO
  • Alaskan Cruise Early Bird Winner (not photographed):  Phil Lubinski, Lakewood, CO

Meet our winners!

Larry Beardsley, Rome Grand Prize Winner


Larry is a longtime friend and supporter of the Capuchins who has volunteered his expertise as a CPA for the advancement of the Province for a number of years.

“My first reaction on hearing Fr. Christopher’s voice was that he was calling regarding some advice on a consultant that the Capuchins may be using…but why at this hour?  Then he stated the hardly believable results of the drawing.  I was amazed, having purchased many tickets over the years, never in my memory winning anything, ever.  But believing in the cause and putting the names of my five grandchildren on the raffle entries must have helped this time.  The shock was tempered when he turned the phone to Fr. Charles to convince me it was real.  To return to Rome, after a pilgrimage two years ago,  but with family as a vacation this time is fantastic.  We have never taken such a grand trip. What a blessing, but how does this fit into God’s plan?  I can hardly wait to see.”  Larry Beardsley



Loretta Isaak, Portugal/Spain Multi-Ticket Prize Winner



“God truly works in mysterious ways.  A few months ago, I was visiting a neighboring parish on Sunday, when the Capuchins were selling raffle tickets as a fundraiser.  I decided to purchase a few tickets as a sign of support. (Father John Lager is such a good friend of ours. He was so kind to a dear friend of mine as she was dying a number of years ago).  I didn’t give the raffle a second thought after that day.  Fast forward to December 14th around 7:15 p.m., when Gina Francis, Director of Special Events for Capuchin Province of St. Conrad called me to say, ‘You have won a trip for two to both Spain & Portugal.’  What a surprise!!!  It will be a trip of a lifetime!” Loretta Isaak

Joan Spiess DiTullio, Early Bird Prize Winner

“Winning the trip to New York was a wonderful early birthday/Christmas surprise. I was in total disbelief when I received the phone call from those at the Governor’s Mansion and the reality did not settle in until well after I received my confirmation email from Gina.  Five years ago, my husband and I celebrated our honeymoon in New York City and now we will be returning for a ‘second honeymoon.’ Thank you Capuchins and the Road to Rome Raffle!” Joan Spiess DiTullio